I (Janki) and my husband (Hiren) are chemical engineers, teachers (by profession), partners, formulators, soul mates and most importantly caring parents. Together we formed ORGAGLO, a brand dedicated to skin, body, and hair care with natural ingredients, free from artificial colors, vegan, animal cruelty-free, and free from 8000+ chemicals present in existing products in the same categories. Both of us are very fortunate to serve the students community for more than 20 years and fulfill the dreams of thousands of students to achieve their goals to study at the most prestigious institutes of India like IIMs, IITs, NITs, Medical Colleges, and many more.

Our story for ORGAGLO is an awakening!!!

I (Janki) am God-gifted with very long hair and fair, soft, sport-free, and healthy skin from my childhood. I could not pay attention to myself while working and doing household duties. Just like others, I also used branded skin and hair products, blindly believing in those chemical products. However, when I delivered a child in 2015 that is when I experienced visible changes in my skin and hair, I realized that I too (like others) have become a victim of dandruff hair, hair fall, dull skin, and pigmentation. 

I started worrying and we consulted the best dermatologist and as usual, they prescribed medicines, serums, and creams loaded with chemicals. We, both being chemical engineers, had a thorough knowledge of chemicals and their side effects. That made us curious… The first thought that came to our mind was, “If eating organic food is considered important, why would you feed skin and hair with anything different?”.

From that moment we decided to use our knowledge and started searching for plant-derived ingredients and developing our exclusive formulas completely free of these harmful chemicals. This is how this dream called ORGAGLO was born, which protects, nourishes, and cares for the skin and hair of adults and children.

We at ORGAGLO strongly believe that ‘product performance and ethical practice will never be sacrificed’.

At ORGAGLO we always try to find the solution by deeply understanding the problem and its causes. We offer the best of nature through our products, which are made with plant-based ingredients and are safe for you, your family members, and, above all, for the environment.

We also work hard to educate and guide society to our ancient traditions of the Vedas and divert each one of them from harmful chemicals to the purest and safest natural products of ORGAGLO and bring them to the “side of nature”.

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